Hanna Mina

Hanna Mina and his life, In 1976 the short story was published under the title On the sacks, which deals with Mina’s biography.

He accomplished most of his work during the period of the French mandate over Syria

And in the period immediately following independence

As a novel, the end of a brave man.

His first novel, “The Blue Lantern”, was written in 1954

Among his most famous works are “Snow Comes from the Window”, “Spring and Autumn” and “The Lighter”

And others.

Hanna Mina and his life:

Hanna Mina was born on March 9, 1924, in Lattakia, to a poor family.

He lived his childhood in the village of Sweidiyeh near Liwa al-Iskenderun

And the Turkish entry to him forced him to move with his family to Latakia

Where they settled in the neighborhood of swamp.

He entered school at the age of seven and obtained a certificate of elementary education

But, he did not complete his education due to the poor living conditions and extreme poverty in which he lived.

Achievements of Hanna Mina:

At the beginning of his life, he worked as a distributor for Sawt Al Shaab newspaper

And he entered the political arena and fought with his comrades against the French occupation.

And he began writing correspondence and petitions to the government

Then he moved to work as a sailor and porter in the port of Latakia

Then a barber.

In 1948 Hanna moved to Beirut in search of a job

He returned to Damascus and began his literary work there at the Damascene Al-Insha newspaper, as an apprentice editor who was paid 100 Syrian pounds.

Then he became the chief editor

He also worked in writing radio soap operas before working for the Ministry of Culture.

Move between many countries

He traveled to Europe, then to China

But in the end, he returned to Syria.

He contributed with a number of Syrian writers, such as Hasib Kayali and Mustafa al-Hallaj, to founding the Syrian Writers Association in 1951.

He also co-founded the Arab Writers Union in 1959

And he won the Arab Writer Award in 2005.

He has written more than 40 novels and stories, one of which is “The Blue Lantern”, which he has broadcast on television

And the novel “The Sail and the Storm”, the text of which has been transmitted to the cinema.

“The Swamp” brought back remnants of Mina’s memories of Iskenderun

Literary critic Salah Fadel described her as the greatest of all biographies, the most truthful, and the richest in thought.

Among the most important works of Hanna Mina is “Al-Yatir” and “A Blue Dove in the Clouds”

And “it happened in Petojo”

And many others

His works exceeded forty novels and stories.

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